Treating homeless pets for illnesses, vaccinating, and sterilizing them


Finding forever homes for rescued animals


Project STRaYE is our community initiative to help reduce shelter intake and educate the community about responsible pet ownership. Our key focus is preventing animal cruelty through outreach and education of young children about the proper care and ownership of animals.

​​We are currently seeking funding for the three key areas of this project:

1. P.A.W.S Presents: Camp Humane. One camp costs $1500 to host 60 students plus 15 counselors. The cost covers facility rental, printing materials, camp registration, breakfast and lunch, a camp t-shirt, materials for animal toys that are made and donated to the shelter and bus rental to and from the San Antonio Humane Society. One bus accommodates 45 campers, so two buses are required per P.A.W.S camp. 

2. Harlandale and McCollum High Schools will allow us to utilize the school parking lots to host spay/neuter events. We would like to hold at minimum 2 events per school year during nonpeak school hours. (ex Spring Break) This would allow students to volunteer for community service hours. The cost of one SNAP Clinic (van) to service 32 dogs/cats is $2300. To have one appear at each campus would cost $4600.64 and service 64 dogs/cats. However, a way we would like to enhance our spay/neuter events would be to have SNIPSA roll out a full surgical unit which would cost $15,000 and service 250 dogs/cats. 

3. P.A.W.S has no facilities. We are not a shelter. And we have limited fosters, so to sustain our animal rescue branch, it costs on average (barring heartworm, mange, and parvo treatment) $250 to fully vet one dog, plus another $13 per day to board them at a vet clinic. The average stay for a dog waiting to be rehomed is three weeks. This costs us $273 for boarding.

4. Out of state adoptions: We have partnerships with several Northern rescues in addition to contracts with no kill shelters in Maine to find forever homes. The transportation costs are around $175 per dog, plus additional vetting (DHLPP vaccine, fecal exam, health certificate/exam and 4dx test) which ends up costing around $125 per dog.  So we spend nearly $9000 a year to export dogs to forever homes out of Texas.


Offering low-cost/free spay and neutering services for the community


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High school students creating and teaching responsible pet ownership curriculum to school children and partnering up with the San Antonio Humane Society to host educational day camps