We are proud sponsors of the student organization, P.A.W.S.,  at Harlandale High School. The P.A.W.S. Club at Harlandale has  around 20-50 student members at any time during the school year.

 These students choose which shelter animals to save and become a  part of their rescue story. Students assist during spay/neuter events  and help teach our humane education curriculum to  elementary/middle schools and through this, the community learns  about responsible pet ownership and how to prevent cruelty to  animals.

 As part of their community outreach within the Harlandale school  district, they have created P.A.W.S. Pals and P.A.W.S. Partners at the  elementary and middle school levels.


For more information about how your school district can start a P.A.W.S. Club, contact us.


1. Distribute information about responsible pet ownership door-to-door in the community.

2. Volunteer at area shelters and adoption events within the community.

3. Holds spay/neuter events on campus. 

4. Raise monies for animals and rescues in need.

5. Create/implements projects to address special needs in the community. (Feral Cat Project, Wheels For Eddie, Blankets of Love)
6. Hosts P.A.W.S. Presents: Camp Humane.