As of APRIL 2023, we are unable to take on any community owned pets or strays without a long term foster. Please do not email us requesting to surrender an animal.


At this time, we are not accepting any animals due to limited foster homes.

We understand that when you find an abandoned animal or need to surrender your pet, it is very frustrating and overwhelming when you can't find help.

We truly wish we could help everyone, but we are at capacity much like other rescues and local shelters. Adoptions in the state are at an all time low, so it is very hard for us to place animals without long term commitments.

Here are some general tips:

  • Visit the San Antonio Humane Society and Animal Defense League in person and also email their intake/transfer coordinator. You will need to request an intake appointment and these are usually done based on weight and openings. Most dogs will need to be dog friendly as they are housed with other dogs. Cats will need to be able to be handled by strangers.

  • Go on Facebook to the SOS Save Our Strays page and the PASS Program page and post a bio and good pictures of the pet needing help.

  • Find a friend or family member that can foster for a rescue. Check with nearby vet clinics to see if they have someone to foster.

  • Look into temporary boarding.

Please note that city shelters DO euthanize owner surrenders, usually upon intake. Stray animals have a 3 day hold and if not adopted or placed with rescue within that time, will be euthanized for space.